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Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms and will maximize technique and longevity in a career of dance. It provides grace, poise, and technique needed to be proficient in all other areas of dance. Ballet classes will help dancers with posture, flexibility, fitness, balance, self-discipline, and self-confidence.


All of our ballet classes, beginning with Level 1, are required to follow the ballet dress code: 

Ladies: black leotard, pink tights, optional skirt, layers during warm-up, hair pulled back in bun and pink ballet shoes.

Gentlemen: white shirt, black shorts or pants, black canvas ballet shoes.

Level I - Novice (60 minutes) - C. Schouten
Thursday 5pm

For beginner dancers ready to learn the basics of ballet (recommended for ages 5-8 years). Students will build off of the five positions, master plié variations and tendus, among other level-appropriate skills. Dancers will at both barre and centre floor. Dancers will work to master the Level I curriculum to move on to Level II with the instructor’s recommendation.

Level I - Intermediate (60 minutes) - C. Schouten

Wednesday 5pm

For dancers who have taken previous ballet with Miss Callie, this class is for beginners who are ready to continue focus on the basics of ballet (recommended for ages 7-10 years). Students will build off of the five positions, master basic center barre, and begin exploring petit and grande allegro. Dancers will work to master the Level I curriculum to move on to Level II with the instructor's recommendation. 


Level II (60 minutes) - J. Brooks
Monday 5pm
This class will take the skills learned in Level I and build upon them to strengthen the dancer's precision and ability. Students will advance on to more difficult skills and utilize both barre and centre floor work to improve their technique. Dancers must show proficiency and receive teacher recommendation and Artistic Director's approval to progress to this level. Recommended for dancers 9-11 years old.


Level III (90 minutes) - J. Brooks
Tuesday 5pm
In Level III, subtleties of classical training begin to be addressed while continuing with technique developed in Levels I and II. Corrections will be more probing. Awareness of classical line will be used as a measure of progress. Coordination between Arms/Upper body and legs will be emphasized. Positioning of arms in 2nd position is kept to the proper development of muscles of the torso. Must obtain permission from Ballet Master and Artistic Director before registering for this class. 

Level IV (90 minutes) - J. Brooks

Tuesday 6:30pm
Level IV will begin to interrelate exercises at the barre and steps in the center. Dancers should start to understand many of the corrections at the Barre can be made in terms of whats needed in center. Vocabulary is becoming more extensive.  Basic alignment throughout class is stressed. Dancers are now at a level to make sure transitions between positions are correct and clean. Levels I-III should be mastered and permission from Ballet Master and Artistic Director should be obtained before registering for Level IV. 

Level V (90 minutes) - J. Brooks.

Tuesday 6:30pm
In Level V, the Ballet Master has more freedom to pick different material from each level to challenge the dancer. Some exercises can now be performed in conjunction with others. The main task is to preserve the clarity of the technique. Clarity is maintained by remaining within the rules of the technique. The arms and head respond to positions of the legs in a natural way. Correct configurations are performed automatically. Dancer's alignment is now being supported by a stronger musculature. Dancers are also old enough and versed in the technique to begin to control and direct their movements consciously. Demands of the training is always slightly ahead of the capability of the student. Stability and mobility in the hip are especially important. Dancers must be invited by the Ballet Master and Artistic Director to enroll in this class. 

Ballet Barre (60 minutes)
Monday 6:00pm
This class focuses strictly on barre work. Dancers will work to master combinations using all five positions, while building strength and proper alignment. Great for all skill levels...even professional dancers continue to take barre classes to maintain and fine-tune their technique! Open to dancers ages 12 and over.


Model: Jocelynn Roth

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